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About my work

The intricate tapestry of my life unfurls, profound elements such as love, sexuality, matrimony, self-possession, and the enigma of personal identity intertwined within the context of a community that obsesses over women’s obligations to serve. In such a milieu, the notion of individual agency, particularly for a South Asian woman, appears almost unfathomable, for she is constantly pushed to satisfy communal expectations and bear the weight of incessant consideration for others. Her body, her life, her actions belong to her family, to her husband, to her community.


Within the realm of my artistic practice, I undertake a comprehensive exploration of themes encompassing liberation, transformation, and cultural nuances. My creative practice not only bears an imprint of my own self but also strives to portray a collective female experience of the South Asian diaspora. As a painter, I am committed to dismantling the conventional archetype of the “Good Bengali Woman,”; thereby engaging in a deliberate practice to challenge and redefine its meaning with recurring themes of symbolism.The colour red has always been a symbol of our experience, now it is an outpour of anger and visceral feelings.


The titles are inspired from snippets of conversation I had growing up in Dhaka as well as recurring imagery in my life. I have presented unsettling objects such as ashtray, cigarette, the bottle of Gin in a matrimonial setting to present narrative of seemingly undesired women in Bangladesh. The curtain, however, invites the viewers to look, an exposure of vulnerability, shame is hidden within the vibrant colors

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